CREATIVE DIRECTION A photo series. A story. A website. Whether you are looking to work on a campaign together, share your product, or redesign your website, Codi Ann is eager to help pull what you makes you you and share that as beautifully as she can.

She has worked with businesses and artists to create handmade products from designing to production to marketing their releases. She has partnered with companies of all sizes to create photography campaigns, take product photography, and has years of experience with content creation, marketing, art direction, and brand development.


PHOTOGRAPHY Nostalgic, emotional, and within the every day moments. Whether it's of a person she loves, an artist working, the mountains in California, or the interior of a coffee shop, she is searching for the stillness and the truthful; the documental rather than the pristine.

She is fascinated by the story; your story. She doesn't want to make you or your brand look any different than you are. She simply wishes to shed light and share what you do in the moments you feel most yourself. Her ideal client is a humble and loving couple, a shop-keeper or restaurant owner who wishes to share their journey, a hotel that seeks beautiful but not gaudy.


Featured in Making Mail: a Documentary, Genteel Flair's Inspiring Minds in 2014, Thistle Magazine, Southside Weekly, Chicago Reader, Urban Outfitters, Little City Love, Sunday Paper Co, and Local Electric.


Everlane, Shinola, The Coachman Hotel,, Madewell, JP Morgan Chase, Uber, Flowers for Dreams, Cecilia Gallery, Sackclock & Ashes, and Purina. 


Madewell,, Vassar Haiti Project, A Wild Poppy, Tradlands, The Publishing House, Only Child Clothing, Snowe, Suburban Pallet, Town & Anchor, Candor Arts, Paper & Type, and Le Coeur Watches.